123abc is a platform connecting different ecosystems into one connected Human Cloud incentive-based ecosystem with high-value output for the user

This is the first part of an inside series on the design and development of 123abc. It is our goal with this series of blog posts to give you an insight into the overall concept of the 123abc platform and its intertwined ecosystem as a game. This first post will take the perspective of the player and will guide you through the player's experiences and perspective in 123abc.
We intend the user experience to feel joyful, casual, and engaging, but still right to the point. Which the lens of a game can facilitate through the game elements such as the setting, the story, the intended player experience, goals, core systems, rules, motivational and engagement drivers.

The player

This is a time of disruption which poses many challenges and opportunities, an age of explorers. Changes happen rapidly and require a constant need for quick adaptation in regards to how we facilitate our work, what capabilities and skills are needed to overcome the challenges.
On the 123abc platform, you play as a member of the human cloud network to empower the player to transform their passion for their livelihood or improve their capabilities if it already is.
It is set in a world where you are rewarded for being or becoming better skilled in the areas that employers want. It is the journey of becoming an explorer. A seeker of new information to better themselves, train, and test newly acquired skills to overcome current or future in-demand quests and challenges.

A description of an explorer from John Hagel lll et.al - https://www2.deloitte.com/us/en/insights/topics/talent/passion-in-the-workplace-uncertain-times.html?id=us:2sm:3li:4di6879:5awa:6di:MMDDYY::author&pkid=1007290

Your journey begins with a simple requirement, a base of operations, a trades meet  of sorts, yours to command, but still very much welcoming to new visitors if you wish to give them access. It is the intersecting point for many of your future explorations and discoveries, it hosts a multitude of the human cloud’s platform services developed by the other builders and explorers such as personally relevant apps to guide your career goals, coach you, or help you travel out and meet like-minded groups of individuals through community forming apps.

The 123abc home screen - your base of operation

Your 123abc home screen will act like your world map and personal guide within the human cloud world, it will present you with a set of preselected areas of interest in the form of relevant tools (services and apps) to help start your journey and plan your first moves. As the population of the Human Cloud grows and more builders join, you will have a wider selection of services available to you, which means you always have the freedom to customize and add apps depending on your current needs.

Each of these locations has stories of their own to uncover, quests to complete, skills to acquire. Player agency is essential within the world of the human cloud. It is up to the player to make the decisions on where to go on their journey and which route to take.

The land of Amooto. An app that sits on the 123abc platform providing gamified IpIp personality assessment. The island visually indicates if your profile is in a good state or could use the completion of new quests.
A quest can take many forms - a personality trait assessment

At the start of your adventure, you are presented with the opportunity to venture to the land of Amooto. By exploring Amooto, you will discover new quests that will challenge and test your personality, thereby expanding your relevancy, reputation, and insight into your human capital. Progressing through Amooto gives you access to unique perks such as personal guiding of you career, increasing your reward potential as it will make it easier to be discovered for new quests through other apps living on the interconnected human cloud network.

A primary call to action on your base screen, where a company is reaching out and discovering your relevancy

This could be an app providing the ability for companies from close or distant areas to discover your lands, listening to the stories of your achievements of exploration, your character strengths, and what skills you could offer them to aid them in their adventure.

A set of quests that will test your skills relevant to the job in question. Completing all of them will earn your reward in form of funding and the opportunity to introduce yourself to the company.

In gratitude to be able to discover your land and potentially hire your talents, they will contribute tokens to the explorers' account just for providing them with talent like yourself, that are willing to continuously explore and learn to keep yourself relevant to them. Some of the companies that you grant access to your lands will require to complete a set of quests, an extra assessment of your skills, you must complete if you want to claim your reward and get a chance to be hired for the job.
How you use your earned 123abc tokens is your choice. The 123abc tokens are the common currency used by all the lands/apps within the world that can provide you with the means to continue your journey purchasing services such as coaching rendered by other human cloud members or new relevant educational courses to increase your set of skills.